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The capabilities of a new CCTV system can range greatly depending on your needs. You may be a homeowner or shop owner who wants a security camera for the outside of your building. Or you may need surveillance on a larger scale for a shopping centre or waste management site, which includes automatic number plate recognition.


Delta can offer a complete CCTV design and installation service for all manner of properties.

Helping keep an eye on the safety of your property. Call

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Keeping a watchful eye on your property

It's important to keep your assets safe, whether it be your business or your home belongings. Closed circuit television is an effective means of deterring intruders and recording activity outside or inside your property. Our main aim is to keep your property exactly that - YOUR property.

Choose the best system to suit your needs

• Overt, covert & wireless CCTV

• Networked CCTV - view from a PC, tablet or iPhone anywhere in the world

• Night vision cameras

• Static or fully functional systems

• Full data protection compliance

• Systems installed to BS EN 50132-1:2010 regulations